The Peeps Behind The Words

Jessica Parmar

The low key techie often behind the scenes Jessica has been able to show countless people how to generate leads and build their business more predictably.

As a local mogul and co founder of Lux Local she is showing business owners how to harness the power of online marketing to dominate their industries.

Jeff Samis

Lover of comic books. Digital asset builder. Ex perennial six figure MLMer. Google seducer. Exceptional short bio writer.

What’s In It For You?

Fair warning: This site will piss some people off (probably your upline)

It’s sometimes R rated, often references comic books and Star Wars (sorry we’re not closet geeks) and ALWAYS brutally blunt and honest.

Above all we built this site to show people like you how to build a real online business.

No hype, no gimmicks, no fads, and no miracle products.

We don’t call our friends (unless we feel like going out for a pint).

We don’t throw home parties (unless it’s New Years or the Superbowl)

And lastly our success has absolutely nothing to do with anyone sideline, downline, or upline.

This site is 100% dedicated to teaching you how to kill your job, build your own Laptop Empire, and live a life you control.

We’ll show you how to break away from the MLM sheep to build a profitable and predictable business you can be proud of.

Smell that?

Yup, that’s fresh air.

Jeff & Jess

How and why we went from MLM top earners to local lead moguls?